6 Tips and Tricks on Saving Money when Eating Out

Love eating out but hate paying the tab? Check out our top 6 money-saving tricks!

How to save money when eating out on a budget.

There's no doubt about it - we all love eating out. There's just something just so enticing about going out with friends, browsing through a long menu list and having a hot meal served straight to you. However, almost all budget plans call for the minimizing of this joyous activity. Here are some tips that will help you save money on the occassions that you do dine out.

01. Yelp place with 1 $, and 4+ stars

Looking for a tasty meal with a low pricetag? Yelp has filters that allow you to search for places according to price and overall ratings. You'll find many great hole-in-the-wall places with this life-hack, and save money in the mean time.

02. Giftcards, coupons, deals

Before deciding what to each, check out websites such as Groupon, restaurant.com, Amazon Local.

You can also check out your local Costco (US) for discount restaurant gift cards, or buy an entertainment coupon book. Simply google your city name + coupon book.

03. Skip the drink, or bring your own

Instead of soft drinks and alcohol, try passing for a cup of water.

If you really would like some booze, you can opt to bring your own wine. Make sure to check in with the restaurant to see if there's any surcharge beforehand.

04. Get carryout

Getting carryout can save you up to 20% from not paying tip! Simply call in a few minutes before, and your meal will be ready for pickup.

05. Togo leftovers

Make sure you to-go leftovers, as they can make for an entire meal the next day. Much like Thankgiving meals, leftovers can be the best part!

06. Get dessert somewhere else

Oftentimes eating dessert at a restaurant can rack up your bill. Instead of eating at the current restaurant, opt out to go somewhere nearby, such as a dessert specialty shop or your local grocery store. The extra drive can make for a fun adventure - especially if you're out on a date!

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